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Orange and magenta leather/suede rosette

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Image of Orange and magenta leather/suede rosette

Rosette ribbons started as purely decorative wall art but quickly became recognised as the prize ribbon for achievement. No matter what the occasion you (and yours) deserve a traditional rosette from LS Creates.

Made from 100% Australian leather and handcrafted as an heirloom, the rosette is perfect for any age or gender. Personalise with numbers, initials or a salutation for milestone birthdays, special achievements or just "because". A truly unique gift and long lasting memory.

Note: Each rosette comes with a loop for easy hanging or can be mounted in a box frame (framing not included). Once you have ordered your rosette, you will receive an emailing regarding the option of personalising your rosette with initials. numbers or a salutation.

Size: 18cm w x 32cm h

Material: 100% leather with merino wool felt lettering.

Materials sourced and made in Australia.